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Thiers-Issard 7-Day razor sets and special commissions - some illustrations and information.

Thiers-Issard are one of the few makers left in the world to produce the much sought-after ‘seven-day set’ - seven matched razors, usually with the days of the week engraved on the spines and intended for use on a ‘one-a-day’ basis. These sets are, by their nature, expensive to make but are a delight to own and are usually ranked as a family heirloom.

At present Thiers-Issard are only offering the two sets below, but do ask if you have something else in mind, we can certainly ask!

Please bear in mind that these sets are not off-the-shelf ‘stock’ and there is a lengthy waiting list for them - the prices are shown but they are certainly not a ‘buy now’ item.

If you are interested in purchasing either set please contact us in the first instance by using the form below, thanks!

Seen here in the Thiers-Issard seven-razor ‘Superbox’, (detailed here) this is the ‘Bijou de France’ set. The razors are new C-135 steel ‘Carbonsong’ blades of 5/8” depth, decorated with ‘Bijou de France’ in gold on the blade, with seven different hand-cut blade spines (as seen below) engraved with the days of the week. The scales are of blonde horn and there is a choice of language for the days of the week to suit your preference.

Baragnia leather razor roll for seven razors

(detailed here) - in brown (right) or black (left). Supplied as standard with 7-day sets.

Razors shown here for illustration only.

A beautiful set for any sporting enthusiast, this set comprises seven razors in new Carbonsong C-135 steel with a blade depth of 5/8”. The blades are all decorated with the ‘Le Chasseur’ motif and goldwork.  The scales - which are of boxwood with snakewood inlays - show seven different hunting/nature scenes, one for each day of the week. Shown here presented in the Thiers-Issard ‘Luxelm’ Elm burl and Beech box (detailed here).

Prices given are as stated for: razors with leather roll wallet (standard ), razors with ‘Superbox’ and razors with ‘Luxelm’ box. Carriage via UPS or FedEx insured carrier is included to worldwide addresses.

Please note that deliveries to countries outside the EU may be liable to the import duties levied by their customs and excise departments and we have no control on such charges made.

This is the ‘three ducks’ razor - just roll your mouse pointer over the images to the right to enlarge them.

Boar hunting

Duck hunting

Hunting dog

Three bears

Three boar

Three deer

Any of the above ‘Chasseur’ razors can be supplied singly to order, making them a really relevant gift for the hunter or outdoorsman. Supplied in Italian Baragnia leather wallets as shown  below - ideal for use when travelling or camping. If you would like to order one of these razors please keep in mind the lengthy lead times - some few months - in order to avoid disappointment - just drop us a line if you have any questions, thanks

And - as the old saying goes - here’s one we made earlier. A fine example of a modern seven-day set, featuring 6/8 le Grelot ‘soleil’ blades and natural material handles, specially commissioned by one of our clients - photos reproduced here with his kind permission.

Simple, elegant and (in our opinion) , very cool.

The customer requested the days of the week to be in Italian and in a particular font - looks great!

The set was supplied in the superb top-of-the-range burl elm box, again made by Thiers-Issard - but fully custom boxes are available too!

If you would like further information regarding seven day sets  please use the form below. Don’t worry, we won’t ‘share your details’ with anyone - ever.

Just to show that these seven-day sets are for use - rather than being left sitting in their display cases! - the owner of the above set has produced a short video that shows him shaving using one of the razors pictured above. It’s included below with his kind permission and should also give any newcomer to straight razor shaving an idea of how it’s done by a very experienced user.

Below - the seven different spines included in the ‘Bijou de France’ set,.

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