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We are pleased to be able to supply the range of Thiers- Issard razors and shaving accessories. World-famous, this French manufacturer only produces the finest straight razors and is renowned for the quality and finish of all their goods.

If you have invested in a Thiers-Issard straight razor, it follows that you will want to look after it - after all, it will (with care!) last a lifetime. Take a look at the range of wallets and boxes we stock, all made by Thiers-Issard to the highest standards in materials such as Baragnia leather, varnished Beech and Burl Elm. Just click on the picture above right to go to the correct site page - or use the menu at the top left of this page

Thiers-Issard produce their shaving brushes to the same level of quality and finish as their other products, so only expect the best. Here you will find a range of superior shaving brushes made from the finest natural materials available in sizes and at prices to suit all tastes and pockets. Don’t forget - ‘a good brush makes a good shave great!’ And believe us, these are very good brushes indeed -  just click the picture to see them!

Our range of Thiers-Issard razors continues to grow, so do bookmark the site! We have been granted sole UK use of the famous ‘Spartacus’ name for use on the majority of razors supplied by us, this being one of the oldest of Thiers-Issard’s trademarks.

We also now have two or our own logos that we can us on TI blades, namely ‘Dominator’ and ‘Dreadnought’ (above left, just click the photo to see more) - only available here!

Thiers-Issard strops are all made to high standards using air- and kiln-dried European Beech. The facings are real leather - not artificial as in some strops - and the leather used for wallets is the finest Baragnia hide. Shown above is the ‘Voystrop’, which also features a sheath for carrying a straight razor when travelling. Have a look at the range by just clicking the photo to the above right!

Take a look at how things are done at Thiers-Issard - a fascinating glimpse into the domain of the master craftsman!

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